Work Experience

Coats Group plc

Full Stack Developer Remote/London, UK Sep ‘19-Mar ‘20, Mar ‘21-Mar ‘22

eCommerce platform for threads order processing & administration for international market

  • UI design, form-based order & xls file upload processing (Next.js, Typescript, MaterialUI, GCS)
  • Query & transformation of order/invoice data ⇄scaled number, byte array (Node.js, Moment)
  • Client-server connectivity, unit/integration tests (GraphQL/gRPC, Kotlin, Jest/Cypress)
  • Server-side OAuth2 flow/Auth0 permissions control (Kubernetes GKE, KongOIDC, Redis, JWT)
  • Localization files & user metadata sync (Python/Pandas,Flask, i18next, Auth0, Sharepoint)
  • DevOps from the ground up (GCP, Concourse, Docker, Terraform, Cockroach, Snyk/Sonarqube)

React Next.js GraphQL TypeScript Cockroach Redis Google Cloud Platform

HelpAge International

Python Developer Remote/London, UK Jul ‘13 - Jun ‘21

Periodical short-term works on big data transformation of surveyed information & visualization

  • Sharepoint file data extraction & persistence in database (GraphAPI, Django/Python, Postgres)
  • Data cleansing, transformation & analytics of Rapid Needs Assessment (Pandas, NumPy)
  • Deployment to serverless, CI/CD & testing (AWS Lambda, GitHub actions, CircleCI, Unittest)
  • Interactive maps & graph presentation (Vue.js, D3, RGraph, Google maps/Fusion tables)

Django Pandas Vue.js Python Postgres AWS Lambda

Falmouth Launchpad/Ramble

Lead Developer Remote/Penryn, UK May ‘19 - Jul ‘19

End to end podcast streaming service (AWS EC2, Nginx, Janus WebRTC, ffmpeg, Wowza, Twilio)

Ranger Services Ltd

Python Developer London, UK Apr ‘19 - May ‘19

Big data query serverless microservices (Boto3, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Athena, Cognito)

Klarna Bank AB

Full Stack Developer Berlin, Germany Mar ‘18 - Nov ‘18

Interactive customer authentication process (React/Redux, PostgreSQL, ElastiCache)

  • API integration: Swisscom, Schufa, Sofort, ThreatMetrix (Flask, Node.js, Spring, Bash, SOAP)
  • Infrastructure migration (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation/S3, Docker, Jenkins, Jest/Enzyme)

Vodafone Group plc

Full Stack Developer Remote/London, UK Jul ‘16 - Mar ‘17

ITSM integrated enterprise cloud provisioning service (React/Redux, Babel, Mocha/Jest)

  • eCommerce UI, server-side scripting (Node.js, ServiceNow workflows/Glide API/jelly scripts)
  • OAuth implementation, CI/CD (AD SSO, Docker, Rancher, Concourse, OpenStack)

Hoonio Ltd

IT Consultant London, UK Mar ‘10 - Present

Freelance & proprietary web/mobile app development, ad campaign accounts & consulting

  • Web applications & infrastructure setup (WordPress/PHP, Golang, Flask, MongoDB, Scikit-learn)
  • Hybrid mobile apps, native iOS app (Ionic, React Native, SoundCloud, Firebase, Objective-C)

Macat International Ltd

Frontend Developer London, UK Aug ‘15 - Dec ‘15

Online learning platform (AngularJS, WAI-AA/508 compliance, ElasticSearch, Azure)

Telrock Systems Ltd

Frontend Developer London, UK Dec ‘14 - Jul ‘15

Retail loan service portal (AngularJS, Java/Spring MVC,, Sass Karma/Protractor)

Autharium Ltd

Frontend Developer London, UK Jan ‘14 - Nov ‘14

Interactive ebook self-publishing tool (.Net MVC4/C#, CKEditor, Calibre, Braintree, ImageMagick)

London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games / Samsung

Mobile Apps Development Manager London, UK Jan ‘11 - Sep ‘12

Supervision of mobile apps development & branded handsets delivery for London2012 Olympics

  • Business requirements, budget control, risk assessment, tech supports training (ServiceNow)
  • Offshore 3rd-party development management, agile transformation, system architecture review

Schneider Associates

Brent Crude Futures Trader London, UK Sep ‘10 - Dec ‘10

Intra-day trading & technical analysis of ICE Brent Crude & Euribor future contracts

LG Electronics Inc

Software Research Engineer Seoul, South Korea Aug ‘06 - Feb ‘10

Mobile handset prototype development: L-03C (C, Java, Python, Assembly on ARM-MSM 72XX)

  • I/O, graphic device driver, camera control I2C protocol implementation (VHDL, iCE65 FPGA)
  • USB throughput & security opmitization for device configuration/QA tool LGNPST (C++, MFC)
  • Patent research, msi packaging, technical documentation/source control (LaTex, svn)

University of Illinois CRHC

Research Assistant Urbana, IL, USA Jun ‘05 - Sep ‘05

Hardware optimization for MP3 streaming over WLAN & decoding on FPGA (VHDL, x86 Assembly)


Northwestern University

Master of Science in Computer Engineering Evanston, IL, USA 2006

University of Illinois

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Champaign, IL, USA 2005





  • English (native/bilingual)

  • Korean (native/bilingual)

  • Japanese (limited working N4)

  • German (limited working B1)

  • Spanish (elementary)

  • Latin (elementary)